testXpo - some information for your visit

In October it will all come together and the 27th testXpo will open its doors to over 2,000 visitors from some 50 countries. Almost all the exhibits have already been assembled and our people are ready and waiting with information on the latest topics and trends from the world of materials testing. To ensure everything runs smoothly and your stay in Ulm is a pleasant one, we have included some last-minute information below.

  • testXpo is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • There is ample parking at the company's headquarters (August-Nagel-Str. 11, 89079 Ulm).
  • Registration is in the Main Building.
  • All visitors will receive a testXpo catalog with floor plan; this also contains detailed descriptions of exhibits.
  • Between 9.30 and 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 and 3.30 p.m. talks will be delivered in three lecture rooms (the lectures will be available to download at www.testxpo.de approximately two weeks after testXpo.
  • There will be guided tours of the company at 10.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m.
  • Lunch in the marquee is at 11.45 a.m.   
  • Photography is not permitted at testXpo (images of all exhibits will be available at www.testXpo.de two weeks after the event).

We wish you a pleasant trip and look forward to meeting you in person in Ulm in the near future.

After Sales Center - decades of experience at your service

September 27, 2017 Our service to you has in no way finished once we have delivered and installed your testing machine.  Decades of experience in this sector make Zwick the perfect choice for ensuring that your testing equipment continues to operate at peak efficiency, with support and modernization packages tailored to your requirements.

What these packages look like in practice can be seen in a special exhibition area at testXpo, ranging from the benefits offered by our calibration service, to the training courses on offer, to examples of modernized older testing machines. Our after-sales experts will also be happy to answer all your questions regarding retrofitting accessories such as specimen grips or extensometers and on all aspects of software updates and upgrades.

A visit to the After Sales Center will also pay dividends if you have specific questions concerning a current project.

New clip-on extensometers - perfect for metals and rigid plastics

September 18, 2017 These new clip-on extensometers are specifically designed for tests on metals, plastics and composites, with the focus on reliable test results and ease of operation.

Accuracy plus outstanding resolution
The clip-on extensometer satisfies Accuracy Class 1 to EN ISO 9513. It is heat-resistant and ideal for closed-loop strain-rate control as per ISO 6892-1 (2009) Method A (1) for metals and ASTM E8 - 09 Method B. It can also be used for testing rigid plastics to ISO 527.

The biaxial clip-on extensometer can be used specifically for determining change in length and width of metal or fiber-reinforced composite specimens and is also suitable for determining in-plane shear strength (IPS) and Poisson's ratio.

Operator influence minimized for reproducible test results
The clip-on extensometer can be attached to the specimen quickly and securely using one hand. Automatic locking and unlocking of the set initial gauge length eliminates operator influence and ensures reproducible test results.

Reliable measurement of the smallest deformations
The Clip-on Compact extensometer features compact design, making it ideal for testing even the smallest specimens, while its high resolution and outstanding linearity allow accurate measurement of even the smallest deformations.

Deep insights guaranteed – company tours through production and assembly

September 7, 2017 In 2017 as well, testXpo visitors will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes at Zwick. The testXpo exhibition area extends over five buildings at Zwick’s headquarters in Ulm. Production will not be shut down during the exhibition; instead, the around 300 production and assembly employees will continue manufacturing the testing machines and systems. Observe our experts live while they work. After all, Zwick offers guaranteed standard delivery times for many products and will meet these deadlines during testXpo as well.

If you haven’t seen it all during your own tour of the exhibition, we additionally offer guided tours through the Zwick company site on a daily basis. In less than an hour, you can learn more about Zwick’s history, its high-tech production with large vertical range of manufacture or Zwick’s innovative quality management system.


A whole world of hardness testing

14 September 2016 Today’s state-of-the-art, all-purpose hardness testing machines are based around technologies which employ innovative mechatronic components to enable high-precision testing in a wide range of applications. Prominent among These are quality assurance, production-line testing and laboratory-based operations. On display in a special exhibition area at this year's testXpo are the latest options for using hardness testing machines in the R&D environment and inquality assurance. Our application experts, product managers and Software experts will all be on hand ready to discuss your hardness testing requirements.

Our product portfolio includes a complete range of hardness testers for use with metals, plastics, rubber and special materials in accordance with all the principal and globally established standards.  Zwick's hardness testing solutions range from manual standard applications to fully automatic testing systems. Special emphasis this year is on nanoindentation and our HD hardness testing software.

In the same exhibition area our long-standing co-exhibitor Olympus is presenting the latest offerings from the fields of microscopy and ultrasound testing.

This hardness testers is versatile and highly intelligent thanks to state-of-the-art mechanical components, powerful electronics, and user-friendly software

Things are heating up at testXpo 2017 – solutions for testing at high temperatures

June 20th, 2017 Zwick will present solutions for high-temperate tests in its own exhibition area at this year’s testXpo. The testing systems on exhibit can be used to perform tests at temperatures up to 2,000 °C. Zwick will present systems with traditional high-temperature furnaces (also available as triple carousels) and with inductive heating coils. Strain measurement is performed in both variants using laserXtens, which can reliably measure the strain of even glowing specimens based on the laser speckle principle. Various creep test machines will also be presented in this high-temperature area. These creep test machines permit tests > 10,000 hours.

Zwick will present its newly developed temperature chambers for tests up to 250 °C at testXpo. The temperature chambers offer impressive performance through optimal interplay between all system components, thereby ensuring reliable test results and fast and simple handling. The temperature chambers were perfectly integrated into Zwick’s extension measurement world. Reliable test results are guaranteed for both optical and contact measurements. All influences, such as vibrations and optical distortions caused by convection, are minimized for this purpose. The optional LED illumination module permits optical measurement for change in width as well. Requirements such as ISO 527 and ASTM D638, among others, are reliably met.

The temperature chambers are also suitable for tests at temperatures down to -70 °C on plastic, composites or rubber.


It's All About testXpert III

It's all about testXpert III at this year's testXpo. Approximately 70 static testing machines and instruments will be operated by the latest generation of Zwick's testing software, testXpert III, at this year's house fair.

testXpo is the perfect place to experience the versatility of testXpert III—it can be used for almost any application and offers a wide range of setting and customization options. Zwick's latest testing software, the platform for all Zwick testing machines and instruments, is intuitive and user-friendly. Its workflow mirrors your work processes in the lab and guides you through the various stages of your work—preparing the test, running the test, and finally analyzing the results.

User management keeps training time to a minimum

Intelligent user management functions allow you to define user roles or adopt them directly from Windows accounts with LDAP. Users see only what is important to their work, making it easy to focus only on the task at hand. Working with the software is easy and training time and input errors are kept to a minimum.

The example on the left shows a view optimized for the tester (activated user management with restricted machine and testing configuration). The example on the right shows a view for an administrator with full functionality.

Straightforward standard-compliant testing

The open and search dialog allows you find standard-compliant test programs with only two clicks.

  • An integrated search function makes selecting the test program quick and easy.
  • Filter according to industry or create favorites to optimize your folder structure.
  • Save all series and exports in a clearly structured way.